Details of DWP's new FSF2 procurement system

DWP is currently holding engagement events regarding their new dynamic procurement system (DPS) for the replacement Flexible Support Fund (FSF2). They have published slides from the event and these are attached below. It is expected that the new system will go live from November and all suppliers will need to gain fresh accreditation on the system if they wish to quote for work. Suppliers can register on the new DPS system from 20 September.

The slides contain detail of the DPS categories and the funding model for each.

DWP has been consulting on the design of the new system and claims that FSF2 will have a number of improvements:

  • Revised Employability Journey including an amended payment model – the employability journey has been remodelled and introduces a flexible funding model to allow for greater flexibility in the payment outcomes attached to each category. 
  • Adopted an RFQ approach and reduced duplication of documents submitted – we’ve introduced an RFQ approach which reduces time constraints on suppliers as you’ll only receive relevant opportunities and the number of documents has been reduced to only those relevant at each stage to avoid repetition and unnecessary impositions. 
  • Streamlined accreditation process – we’ve vastly reduced the accreditation process so that it contains only essential questions and minimal annexes for completion, we’ve also created a thorough run-through of the process which will be shared. 
  • Introduced ability for suppliers to request feedback – while it’s not possible to provide detailed feedback for all suppliers we have introduced optional feedback should you wish for guidance following an unsuccessful bid. 
  • Reduce the use of Jargon – we’ve ensured that all communications and processes are written in plain English where possible and that acronyms are avoided.
  • Dual-platform approach – whilst the ease of a single system would be ideal, we’ve been unable to implement this change for DPS 2 due to the functionalities of the software available. To have one overarching system hasn’t been possible as we’d been unable to integrate a single DPS system with our payment system without compromising essential functions.