October 2017

A report Barriers to Work, commissioned by Inclusion London, has found evidence of significant problems with the Government’s disability employment support programme, Access to Work

The report recommends ways to improve Access to Work and reduce the adverse impacts that changes to the scheme are currently having on deaf and disabled people reliant on it to stay in employment. The recommendations have been put together and are supported by deaf and disabled people under the #StopChanges2AtW campaign.

The Careers & Enterprise Company has published a new research report 'State of the Nation 2017: Careers and enterprise provision in England's schools'. It gives the most comprehensive picture to date of schools’ careers and enterprise provision.

Ofsted has published a report reporting on the findings from the first year of local area inspections carried out by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) into the effectiveness of local areas in fulfilling their new duties in the ‘Special educational needs and disability (SEND) code of practice: 0 to 25 years’ (the Code of Practice). 

The framework for these inspections sets out how Ofsted and CQC jointly inspect the local area’s effectiveness in three main aspects: 

The Scottish Government has awarded contracts worth up to £96 million to help people find and stay in work. Fair Start Scotland service aims to help at least 38,000 people to find employment and will start in April 2018. Participation will be on a voluntary basis. The programme includes funding for supported employment and IPS provision.