Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF)

Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF)

The Supported Internship Quality Framework (SIQAF) originally developed in 2022 by the Education and Training Foundation, was recently tested by ten supported internships providers as part of the Internships Work programe. Following this this testing, the original SIQAF was reviewed and amended The revised version has now been published (2023) and is available to be used by all SI providers and their delivery partners as part of the Internships Work programme


SIQAF Self-Assessment

A SIQAF Self-assessment tool has been designed to support you to determine the quality and success of your SI programme. It is designed to be read and used in conjunction with the Supported Internship Guidance. It will highlight your strengths and should be used as an annual continuous improvement tool.

It has been designed to support reflection and self-assessment, which will support your quality assurance and improvement journey. It acts as a scaffold to support the effectiveness of the SI and as a catalyst for driving change and improving provision, so there is an expectation for reviews to lead to an action plan.

The framework contains 6 sections covering leadership, planning, partnership, preparedness, progress, and results. Each section contains criterion which can be scored between 0-3 (and some between 0-5 in the results section) with a total maximum score of 117. It is designed to be led by the Supported Internship provider but including all other partners involved in the delivery of your programme.

Download your SIQAF self-assessment tool 

Excel Version

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The SIQAF and Peer Reviewing 

Organisations who undertake the SIQAF can as part of the Internships Work programme, sign up for a peer review to validate their SIQAF self-assessment

This free service, involves two trained peer reviewers (one lead reviewer and another peer reviewer) who will visit your Supported Internship programme and review your self-assessment score as well as support your continuous improvement efforts with recommended actions and good practice examples.

This process takes one and a half days and if you're interested in booking a peer review please contact, for more information.