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TSI training (Hastings)

18/09/17 to 21/09/17

Venue: Sussex Coast College, Hastings
Cost: £550+vat (BASE members: £500+vat)

*6 places available*

This 3.5-day TSI course is being delivered in Hastings on 18-21 September. This course is suitable for staff working in schools, colleges and supported employment services and is essential for anyone offering in-work support.

1. To provide the background, context and values of TSI and how it relates to supported employment;
2. To demonstrate that people with disabilities have a history of failure. and how this can lead to ‘learned helplessness’;
3. To introduce the concept of ‘task analysis’ (TA) as an essential method for preparing to train employment skills for disabled people;
4. Participants will conduct a TA;
5. To present a set of rules for assisting people with learning disabilities to overcome learned helplessness and learn employment tasks quickly and independently;
6. To provide a practical demonstration of the method through a live CCTV training demonstration by one of the presenters with a person with a learning disability on a practical task;
7. Participants will work one-on-one with a person with a learning disability on the model task, which is filmed to provide practical experience of the training techniques;
8. To record the trainee’s learning curves during the practical session and to provide feedback on the participant’s training;
9. To understand a range of alternative methods of presentation available to the trainer according to the trainee’s needs and safety concerns in work;
10. To discuss how TSI fits into the real world and ways for participants to take the approach forward in supported employment.

To book a place, please contact Mark Kilsby at kilsbyms@yahoo.co.uk

TSI (London)

31/10/17 to 03/11/17

Venue:  Lewisham Southwark College, Lewisham Way, London, SE4 1UT
Cost: £650+vat per place, or £600+vat for BASE members.

This 3.5 day Training in Systematic Instruction course is delivered by Mark Kilsby and Julie Allan. Please contact the trainers directly to apply for a place


1. To provide an historical overview of human services in the UK
2. To define core components of the supported employment (SE) approach
3. To provide a broad framework for a critical appraisal of human services
4. To identify a common set of goals set against a culturally valued analogue
5. To define structured training as a means to deliver these goals
6. To define the current situation of SE in the UK
7. To define TSI and make the point that this course is aimed at those with the severest levels and types of disabilities, enabling generalisation of the approach to those with lesser support needs
8. To present a continuum of support running from one-to-one to natural supports

Learning Outcomes

1. Will be able to understand and describe the current level and type of service provision for people with a learning disability from a historical perspective
2. Will understand the basic values of the community integration and inclusion movements underpinned by Social Role Valorisation principles
3. Understand the potential role that supported employment can play in this progress
4. Able to understand their own service in relation to segregate/congregate service delivery models and understand the differences between the social and medical approach to disability and inclusion
5. Understand the importance of providing support that is based on individual needs and a ‘zero-reject’ philosophy

Commissioned courses

We are available for services to commission courses for their staff teams. It may be possible to arrange for additional delegate places to be made openly available if you don't have sufficient numbers for a dedicated course. Courses are available in:

  • Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI)
  • Job Coach training
  • Recruiting and retaining a Diverse Workforce
  • Marketing your Service for Individual Budgets
  • Working with Employers

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Associate Trainers

BASE also works with a range of freelance trainers who deliver training on a variety of topics including TSI, Job retention case management. Click here to view details of their training programmes. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an associate of BASE.