About the British Association for Supported Employment

About the British Association for Supported Employment

...the national umbrella group for the supported employment sector

Our purpose is to support, promote and develop the principles and provision of supported employment. We encourage all Supported Employment organisations to join us.

BASE aims to:
• Assist people with disabilities by encouraging the provision of support into employment.
• Promote quality standards in the delivery of Supported Employment.
• Nurture & encourage the setting up of new supported employment services.
• Promote the training of supported employment personnel throughout the UK.
• Provide regular, detailed information including an advisory & development service to association members.
• Liaise & negotiate with national and international government & non-government organisations to promote Supported Employment and the aims of the Association.

BASE is concerned with establishing collective action on national issues that cannot be addressed by individual agencies and members alone. BASE has helped to develop National Occupational Standards for Supported Employment, an accredited qualification and a framework of service quality standards. We want to see better quality support available to everyone who needs it.

Who runs BASE?

BASE is managed by a voluntary National Executive Committee (NEC) comprised of individuals with many years’ experience of working in and managing the supported employment sector. The NEC is held accountable to members through Annual General Meetings and our seven regional networks, which elect the NEC. BASE has formal Articles and is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Our commercial activity is carried out by our trading company, Inclusive Trading CIC.

BASE was formed in 2006 through the merger of the National Association of Supported Employment and Association for Supported Employment. Both associations had been active in the area of supported employment in the UK since the early 1990's. It was felt that a unified voice was essential to protect the interests of the industry and to develop best practice within it.

What our members actually do

Using the Supported Employment model, our members work to secure sustainable employment for people with a disability or other disadvantage. They can help bring dramatic changes to the lifestyle of a person previously excluded from work. The benefits of employment include improve self-esteem, social relationships, confidence and skills as well as increased income and independence. BASE members work in close partnerships with employers and other agencies to make work a reality for the thousands of people who use our services.

Because everyone is different, our members offer a broad range of services; from work preparation and supported businesses through to job search, recruitment and retention. BASE members provide a valuable recruitment and retention resource for employers across the UK. In most cases this service is provided at no cost to the employer. You can find support here.

How we're funded

BASE is funded through membership subscriptions and as a charity, we also welcome donations.

Who can be a member?

As an independent membership organisation, BASE is open to any agency delivering supported employment services in the UK. 

The benefits of membership

• Be part of a strong and respected national voice
• Access to a dedicated website with the latest news and developments
• Involvement in Government consultations
• Receive newsletter and regular email alerts
• Access to best practice and support
• Networking opportunities and access to our regional networks
• Free advertising of staff vacancies

To join BASE, please visit our membership page.