BASE members secure Scottish procurement contracts

Supported Businesses have been awarded more than £2 million in contracts to support the set-up of Social Security Scotland offices in Dundee and Glasgow.

The Scottish Government Framework for Supported Businesses was used to invite bids from organisations that employ at least 30% disabled or disadvantaged people within their workforce. BASE has been active in supporting the development of the Scottish procurement frameworks.

Dundee’s Dovetail Enterprises and Glasgow’s City Building were successful in gaining contracts totalling £2m for furniture including tables, chairs and desks.

Dovetail Enterprises is a furniture manufacturer that offers training and job opportunities to disabled people. City Building works with its manufacturing facility at Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries to support employment opportunities for disabled people, including those who are visually impaired. Both are BASE member organisations.

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Co, a social enterprise based in Renfrewshire that employs people adjusting to life outside of the military, was awarded £50,000 to provide bespoke signs for offices.