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The Employment & Health Related Services Umbrella Agreement (EHRSUA) is a framework-style agreement for the provision of employment and health related services. The objective of the agreement is to provide employment and health related support services helping people who are unemployed, disabled, have a health condition or barrier to work to select, train for, obtain and retain employment. Only providers accepted onto the umbrella framework are permitted to bid for high value DWP contracts.

DWP has advertised details of a market engagement event on 30 October. This early engagement event means that a procurement idea is currently active and DWP is in the early stage of development and judging interest from potential suppliers. Though the event is advertised through the Employability and Health Related Services Umbrella Agreement, DWP have stressed that the opportunity is open to SMEs and the voluntary sector.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority working with Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is procuring a new GM Working Well Specialist Employment Service. The service will comprise Supported Employment for people with a learning disability and people with autism (or both) and Individual Placement and Support (IPS) for people with severe mental illness.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and Greater Manchester Health  & Social Care  Partnership (GMHSCP) are working on a joint project to increase Specialist Employment Service provision (Supported Employment and Individual Placement and Support) for people with learning disabilities, people with severe mental illness and autistic adults specifically. It is proposed that this is done through the commissioning of a new GM service, part funded by European funding.

West Sussex County Council has launched a tender opportunity for a Supported Employment Service. The provider will be required to deliver the service across West Sussex targeting people with a lifelong disability or autism, who face complex barriers into employment. The service will address these barriers and help people to navigate and access the range of services available.

With this in mind, the supported employment service has been designed to support people:

A new service line for "In-Work Progression" has been added to the Test & Learn DPS. Providers must be accredited against the new In-Work Progression service line to be eligible to receive the ITTs in relation to these projects outlined.

The Royal Borough of Kingston (the Council) proposes to provide a supported employment service for clients known to the Council, aged between 18-64, including: Learning Disabilities (LD), Homelessness, Drug and Alcohol misuse, Mental Health, LD Children and Young People in Transition This service will be delivered in the Royal Borough of Kingston.

The Growth Company (formerly trading as The Work Company) have issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) form for organisations interested in partnering them as subcontractors on the IPES programme in North West England. It's a very tight turnaround as bids have to be submitted by 8 April. You'll find the EOI form attached.

The IPES programme is only open for bids from organisations on the Umbrella Framework. These are:

Members should be aware that DWP has issued procurement information about the new Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) programme through the Umbrella Framework. The documentation went out last week and prime providers have a very tight deadline of 29 March to submit their bids. Members may want to approach potential bidders to discuss subcontracting opportunities.

Lincolnshire County Council wishes to commission a Supported Employment service that will help people with a learning disability and autism that are known to Adult Care and Community Wellbeing Services to experience work and retain paid employment. This service will be known as the Specialist Tailored Employment Partnership.


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