Torbay seeks tenders for Ready For Work scheme

Torbay's Economic development company, TDA, intends to commission improved outcomes for Torbay residents, primarily those from Torbay’s most deprived areas, who are at the margins of the labour market, to become work ready in key local labour markets. These key sectors are: 

  1. Tourism; 
  2. Care; 
  3. Construction; and 
  4. Hi-tech. 

TDA are seeking an experienced Provider to develop and deliver a structured programme that includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Training; 
  • Coaching; 
  • Work experience to build confidence and become work ready; and 
  • 1-2-1 mentoring support to help each client into a successful outcome. 

The project will help unemployed people, primarily from Torbay’s most deprived areas, to become ready for employment and ultimately secure work. 

The main outcomes sought are an increase in: 

  • skill levels; 
  • readiness for work; 
  • jobs secured; and 
  • sustainable employment. 


The key objectives are to: 

(a) identify and engage with unemployed clients from Torbay’s most deprived areas; 

(b) develop a visible and successful programme across Torbay that helps clients overcome barriers, develop skills, undertake work experience and build confidence to become work ready and ultimately secure employment; 

(c) maintain a working relationship with employers to ensure the programme meets the needs of local employers in key sectors and provides valuable work experience to help clients become work ready; 

(d) help an agreed number of clients to successfully complete the programme and become work ready; 

(e) obtain feedback from clients to inform on-going delivery; and 

(f) develop a series of case studies to promote the programme and demonstrate impact. 

The funding available for this project is up to £70,000 for each of the initial two years; a total of up to £140,000. If the project is to be extended by one additional year, additional funding would need to be provided by the successful bidder through match-funding or grant applications, or by TDA.

Tenders should be submitted by 1 August 2019.