Together for Short Lives to fund innovative transition support

Together for Short Lives is launching a ground-breaking new Transition Awards Programme to fund innovative transition projects. There is an urgent need for new initiatives to transform the experience of young people with life-limiting conditions as they move from children's to adult services.

What is transition and why is it important?

Medical advances mean that the number of young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions is increasing, but a shocking number of young people are not getting the support and care they need. Too many young people face significant barriers to getting the right care and support as they make the transition from children’s to adult services. There are now almost 13,000 18-25 year-olds living with a life-limiting condition, and this number has grown by 33% over ten years.

These young people should have the opportunity to live their lives to the full and do all the things that teenagers and young adults enjoy. Beyond their health care needs, they may have ambitions to study, train, to work, have relationships and to leave home and live independently. These young people do not have time to waste. It is vital that appropriate plans and services are in place to ensure they have the best transition possible and the best opportunities in adult life.

As the leading UK voice for children and young people’s palliative care, Together for Short Lives has established a UK-wide Transition Taskforce to improve the experience of young people with life-limiting conditions. We have developed a ‘Stepping Up’ guide in which we describe a ‘Pentagon’ model to bring together the five areas of support needed to meet the full spectrum of young people’s needs.

Your chance to make a difference:

The Transition Awards Programme seeks to distribute a small number of awards for innovative projects that have the potential to transform the experience of young people with life-limiting conditions as they prepare for and move on to adult services. Awards will be in the range of £40k-£150k for up to 30 months.

We are keen to see a wide range of applications and partnerships across and within the five key areas of support described in our ‘Pentagon’ overleaf. We want to support projects that will help young people to achieve the best quality of life possible across the full spectrum of their needs.

We aim to build a portfolio of well-described, real-life examples of service developments that can be readily understood, replicated and adapted by other providers, commissioners and policy makers.


Applications may be:

  • A novel idea or innovation, such as a redesign of processes, practices and services
  • The extension or adaptation of an existing service support to this cohort (for example, extending a provision for disabled young people to those with life-limiting conditions)
  • An approach demonstrated in a different country or different context
  • Taking an existing approach in one organisation and spreading it to others.


Applications will need to demonstrate or describe:

  • Robust evidence to demonstrate the problem you are seeking to address
  • The innovative approach being taken to address this problem
  • How your project will lead to direct benefits or impact within the programme timescale and how you will know if you are being successful
  • The potential for replication regionally and nationally and delivery of a long-term change
  • That you understand the skills and processes required for successful delivery of the innovation
  • A commitment to capturing and sharing learning from the successful projects will also be essential
  • How your innovation will join-up services around the needs of young people with life-limiting conditions or fill service gaps.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 2 May 2017. 

For further information and to apply, please visit