Technical notice on ESF and Brexit "no deal"

Government is issuing  a series of EU technical notices that aim to allow organisations to prepare for all scenarios including not having a deal with the EU when the UK leaves in March 2019.
Guidance has been published about the European Social Fund. It discusses how organisations receiving European Social Fund (ESF) grants would be affected if the UK leaves the European Union (EU) with no deal.


After March 2019 if there’s no deal

In the unlikely event of a no deal scenario, the UK’s departure from the EU would mean UK organisations would be unable to access EU funding for European Social Fund projects after exit day.

We are committed to ensuring that there will be no gap in funding for regional growth in the event of a no deal. The Chancellor announced in August and October 2016 that the government would guarantee certain EU projects agreed before we leave the EU in order to provide more certainty for UK organisations over the course of EU Exit. This guarantee included European Social Fund projects.

In July 2018 the Government extended the guarantee so that it would cover all projects, including European Social Fund Projects, that would have been funded by the EU under the 2014-2020 programme period. The extension means that the Department for Work and Pensions, the Devolved Administrations, and HM Government of Gibraltar, will continue to sign new projects after EU Exit until programme closure.

This practical measure provides additional certainty, guaranteeing investment in skills and employment up to the end of the current European Social Fund programme period, in the unlikely event that the UK leaves the EU without a negotiated agreement. This will provide certainty to communities, businesses, charities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (in England), local authorities and other local partners.