Report on London's labour market outcomes

The Social Market Foundation (SMF) has published a report looking at labour market outcomes of Londoners with a work limiting condition or disability.

The employment rate for disabled people in London stands at 46.5% meaning that around 370,000 disabled Londoners are out of work. The equivalent for the non-disabled population stands at 85%, meaning that the disability employment gap in London stands at 38.5 percentage points, slightly lower than the national average of 41.5 percentage points.

Average figures across London hide significant variation between the London boroughs, from a disability employment rate gap of 20 percentage points in Richmond to over 50 percentage points in Hammersmith & Fulham.

The report argues that the London Mayor needs to coordinate pan-London work to deliver a fundamental shift in the approach to increasing disability employment. The report argues for a Disability Employment Taskforce with the remit of coordinating action, testing new approaches and reporting on progress towards increasing disability employment right across the capital. 

The report doesn't contain a single reference to autism or learning disabilities so we have concerns that a London Taskforce would focus on mainstream delivery models.