IPES: PeoplePlus seeks delivery partners

PeoplePlus have issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) form for organisations interested in partnering them as subcontractors on the IPES programme in Central England, North East England and Wales. It's a very tight turnaround as bids have to be submitted by 8 April. You'll find the EOI form attached.

The IPES programme is only open for bids from organisations on the Umbrella Framework. These are:

  • Central England: G4S, Ingeus, PeoplePlus, Reed, Shaw Trust
  • North East England: G4S, PeoplePlus, Reed, Shaw Trust, Working Links
  • North West England: G4S, The Work Company, Ingeus, PeoplePlus, Reed
  • Southern England: G4S, PeoplePlus, Pluss, Prospects, Shaw Trust, Working Links
  • Home Counties: APM, G4S, Ingeus, PeoplePlus, Shaw Trust
  • Wales: PeoplePlus, Pluss, Remploy, Shaw Trust, Working Links
  • National: G4S, PeoplePlus, Pluss, Ingeus, Reed, Shaw Trust, Working Links