Important: DWP engagement events

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is organising a series of engagement events to support the development of the Local Supported Employment (LSE) Trial.  This trial builds on the proof of concept DWP recently delivered in partnership with 9 Local Authorities in 2018, to further test whether DWP, in partnership with LAs, is able to increase the delivery of high quality supported employment for people with a learning disability or autism, who are known to adult social care or those in contact with secondary mental health services. 

DWP sent a letter and questionnaire to chief executives of all Local Authorities in England, Scotland and Wales and held three teleconferences to understand more about the current status of the LA delivered supported employment market. Following the success of these, DWP is now running further engagement events in order to: 

  • Share the initial thinking on the trial design and the customer journey to understand Local Authority views 
  • Provide information on the Test & Learn Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) as our anticipated commercial route and information on how to submit an accreditation application.

DWP is keen to meet as many LAs as possible across England, Scotland and Wales and they encourage attendance from LAs that currently have a supported employment service and those who do not.

From early discussions with officials from devolved administrations, DWP is aware that in parts of Scotland, Wales and Greater Manchester, there are already Supported Employment initiatives in place or being developed. These discussions have provided them with information on these initiatives and other Supported Employment reviews. The work undertaken by DWP does not seek to replace these but will complement the work already underway. 

DWP are holding three face to face events in November and one teleconference for anyone unable to make a face-to-face event. If you would like to attend one of these events, you should register as soon as possible through Eventbrite using the relevant link below. 

Please Note: To ensure as many LAs are able to attend our events as possible we are able to offer a maximum of 2 people per LA. Your LA should only register for one event and If more than one person is attending from an LA, please register separately.

Thursday 14th November in Glasgow – Martyr School, 17 Parson Street, Glasgow, G4 0PX

Monday 18th November in London – Caxton House, 6-12 Tothill Street, Westminster, London SW1H 9NA

Monday 25th November in Leeds – Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UA

Tuesday 26th November Teleconference

Once you have registered you will be sent details for the event. 

If your LA is unable to attend on the dates above you can email to request the slides and any relevant information following the events. 

The events are pre procurement engagement only, seeking your views on early considerations. This does not commit DWP or LAs to any future procurement exercise. Unfortunately, DWP is unable to reimburse any travel costs for the engagement events.

If you have any questions or we can be of any assistance, then please contact DWP on 0113 3033 411