DWP survey of welfare to work procurement

DWP is inviting providers to take part in a supplier survey about the Welfare to Employment Market. We urge members to complete the survey as we frequently hear complaints about how DWP procures services. For example, the recent contracting of IPES was only open to providers on the umbrella framework agreement and had a very quick turn around.

The survey can be completed anonymously but it can't be part-saved without entering an email address. It asks a number of questions related to your experience of employment-related procurement activities with the Department for Work & Pensions. They are not only looking for responses from current suppliers and past suppliers, but organisations that may have only searched for contracts with the Department.  It has been created to tell DWP about the aspects of procurement that they do right and the things they still have room to improve. They say that this is so that upcoming procurement work in Welfare to Employment can be as effective as possible.

BASE has a workshop on supply chain failure at this year's conference. We've had feedback that Merlin is not effective in protecting subcontractors and wish to further explore member experiences.

The survey closes on 28 October.