DWP gives notice of new DPS for test and learn activity

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued a prior information notice (PIN) regarding the new dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for Employment & Health Test and Learn.

This DPS will present opportunities for organisation, with a focus on innovation and local specialist support, to be involved and test the development of new approaches for employment and health related activity. This will be key to building evidence to support the delivery of future provision at both national and local level.

BASE has been in discussions with DWP regarding the new DPS and a focus group of BASE members is supporting the development. We'll have a workshop on this topic at our annual conference. A detailed background note from DWP is attached at the bottom of the page.

At this stage DWP cannot confirm or guarantee any future business through the DPS but it is anticipated that there will be some limited numbers of proof of concepts in specific parts of the country in the next 6-12 months. However, it is expected that as the DPS develops the activity will increase involving most, if not all, parts of the country.

All information will be issued to potential suppliers via the BravoSolution e-Procurement platform. Subject to decisions, the anticipated duration for this new programme is from October 2018, for four (4) years.

This National DPS is for DWP. It may also be open to the Department of Health and Social Care, Ministry of Justice, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and Local Authorities.

Estimated funding for Test and Learn for 2018-2019, excluding VAT, will be up to 2m GBP. Thereafter funding for DPS procurement will be annually agreed (amounts to be confirmed), and may include monies from other funding streams.

Potential suppliers should note that the Contracting Authority reserves the right to cancel this procurement at any stage and not to award a DPS Agreement. If the Contracting Authority decides to enter into a DPS this does not mean that there is any guarantee of subsequent contracts being awarded. Any expenditure, work or effort undertaken prior to contract award is, accordingly, a matter solely for the commercial judgement of potential suppliers. Any order placed under this DPS will form a separate contract under the scope of this DPS between the supplier and the specific requesting contracting body. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to use any electronic portal during the life of the agreement.