Disability Employment Gap stands at 70%

Public Health England has issued updated statistics for the Public Health Outcomes Framework. They should that the disability employment gap for people with a learning disability and people in contact with secondary mental health services stands at almost 70% across England. The gap has increased by nearly 7% over the last 7 years.

50 indicators have been updated including two that measure the employment gap for people with a learning disability (indicator B08b) and long-term mental health needs (indicator B08c). The data used for the indicators is taken from the ONS Annual Population Survey and NHS Digital. Disaggregated figures are available for each local authority area.

BASE Chief Executive, Huw Davies, said, "These figures are worrying and highlight the need for more investment in supporting those most at risk of economic exclusion. Despite the majority of these groups wanting to work, the employment support is simply not there in a way that helps to meet people's ambitions. We need a thorough review of how support is commissioned, both locally and nationally, to make sure that it's fit for purpose so that people are getting the right jobs with the right support."