Consultation on support for ex-offenders

The Ministry of Justice has issued a Call for Evidence to improve their understanding of:

1. Inclusive Recruitment Practices

What are employers doing, if anything, to create fair opportunities for ex-offenders to compete for jobs within their organisations in the UK?

What information or support would help employers to make the decision to remove the criminal conviction declaration tick-box from their job application forms?

2. Employability Initiatives

Aside from inclusive recruitment practices, what types of initiatives and support are being offered by employers, organisations and charities to help improve the employability of ex-offenders and/or reduce the stigma associated with recruiting ex-offenders?

3. Evidence and Impact

What impact have these recruitment practices and employability initiatives had on businesses and ex-offenders, and what level of research exists to substantiate these findings?


The consultation follows on from the publication of the Deparetment's Education and Employment Strategy in May.


Who do we want to hear from?

Anyone can respond to this Call for Evidence, however we are particularly interested in receiving responses from public, private and voluntary sector employers, organisations and professionals who:

  • proactively hire people with a criminal conviction and/or offer fair opportunities for people with a criminal conviction to apply for vacancies

  • impose restrictions and/or bans on the hiring of ex-offenders for some or all jobs depending on the offence(s) committed

  • work directly with ex-offenders to improve their employability for example, through the provision of skills training, outreach, mentoring, work placements, etc

  • work with or advise other organisations on creating fair recruitment practices and supporting ex-offenders in the labour market

  • campaign to reduce the stigma associated with having, or hiring someone with, a criminal conviction


How should you respond?

If you would like to respond to this Call for Evidence, please complete attached response form provided at Annex A of the Call for Evidence document and save it as a Microsoft Word document or PDF.

You should email your completed response form to by 5pm on Friday 31 August 2018.