Committee to Work & Pensions Committee to examine Govt’s Plan for Jobs and employment support measures

The Work and Pensions Committee has launched an inquiry into the Government’s Plan for Jobs and other initiatives - both those introduced since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and wider schemes - aimed at helping people find and stay in work.

The inquiry will examine the effectiveness of employment support programmes including Kickstart, Restart, Way to Work and the Work and Health Programme. It will look at the role of Jobcentre Plus and work coaches and how DWP could work more effectively with employers and other organisations. The inquiry will include consideration of what may be needed to encourage back into work people who are not claiming benefits. 

There will also be a focus on the support for groups disadvantaged in the labour market such as young people, disabled people, women and people in low paid jobs. The Committee’s report from 2020 on DWP’s response to the coronavirus pandemic recommended that employment support be tailored to meet the needs of such groups.

 BASE welcomes the government's inquiry into the effectiveness of employment support programmes; there has been a long term concern that these programmes no longer meet the needs of the ever increasing challenges around providing the right support  for the population and businesses. 

Reasons individuals are unemployed or economically inactive remains complex and we need a system that is built to address these complexities in a joined up way.

BASE members across the UK deliver the model of best practice, support individuals with a disability/ disadvantage and employers throughout the whole employee lifecycle, including job retention. Supported Employment is a model that can be applied to any group that is excluded or unable to engage in the labour market and BASE would welcome the opportunity to contribute  to the inquiry to explore alternative models.  

We believe a new and inclusive employment strategy is needed to focus on what works; and BASE is ready to provide any support needed to move this agenda forward.