Changes to Test & Learn DPS: action needed

A new service line for "In-Work Progression" has been added to the Test & Learn DPS. Providers must be accredited against the new In-Work Progression service line to be eligible to receive the ITTs in relation to these projects outlined.

Providers need to take the following action on the Bravosolution website to update their application if they have already been accredited:
T2.4 – Please provide a response to this new question to indicate if would like to apply to be accredited against this service line (yes/no response required). If YES, you will need to complete and submit the template provided for the question.

Please note you MUST update your application to provide a response even if you are NOT wishing to be accredited against this particular service line. Please see the attached note for further guidance.


The aim of the new service line is to support this developing programme of work and to initially support the first two elements of the programme:

Conversations with Employers

UC gives an opportunity to develop the conversations Jobcentre Plus staff have with employers by incorporating the range of action that employers could take to support progression, tailored to the size of their business. 

To support these discussions, DWP requires content material that sets out the range of options available to employers which will enable progression or development. This could include promoting the benefits of flexible work, reshaping job roles or discussing the potential to put in place defined career paths and development opportunities. 


Supporting Good Decisions around Job Switching

One of the ways in which people can progress or increase their earnings is through switching jobs or changing employer. DWP wants to ensure that individuals claiming UC can take full advantage of the opportunities provided by switching jobs, if this is right for them. They know that switching jobs can also bring risks so want to ensure that UC claimants are able to weigh up the range of considerations when looking at job switching as a progression option and make the best decision to suit their personal circumstances.

To support this decision making, DWP requires content material that sets out the wide range of issues associated with switching jobs. 

DWP expects the total value of these initial projects to be approximately £70k - £150k and we intend to launch the Invitations to Tender (ItT) by Summer 2019.