BASE joins NIHR-funded research project

BASE is joining a research project being led by the Scottish Centre for Employment Research (SCER). The project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and seeks to identify the challenges we need to address if we are to maximise the growth and potential of IPS and Supported Employment in the future.

The project partners include DWP-DHSC joint Work & Health Unit, Public Health England, British Association for Supported Employment (BASE), Sheffield City Region, West Midlands Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Social Finance, Centre for Mental Health, Breakthrough UK, Speakup Rotherham. 


Project Details

Work Package 1: Establishing the what of IPS & SE beyond severe mental health 

WP1 delivers a systematic review of the evidence base around IPS and SE beyond severe mental health across advanced economies since 2000 in order to establish the current state-of-the-art. 

Work Package 2: The how of IPS & SE beyond severe mental health 

WP2 uses interviews and workshops with policy makers, provider organisations and service users from across key UK IPS & SE services for health conditions other than severe mental health. The aims are to gather experiences, share learnings, and inform future design and delivery of IPS & SE programmes beyond severe mental health.

Work Package 3: The fiscal why and how of IPS & SE beyond severe mental health 

This work package focuses on estimated costs, savings and cost-benefit analyses of alternative IPS & SE models and cohorts as informed by the learnings from WPs1-2. 

Work Package 4: Developing a Toolkit of practical resources around IPS & SE beyond severe mental health to support policy makers and practitioners in the future