BASE Call to Action for Incoming Government

Following the announcement of a general election on the 4th of July, we call on all parties to read what BASE believes are the priority actions required by a new government to get Disabled, Neurodivergent and Disadvantaged people into work. 

It is more important than ever that the next government has a clear plan on how to support this group of people into quality careers and, more importantly, enable them to stay in employment. This plan should build trust with disabled people and business and commission services that are based on high ambition, deliver sustainable results and doesn’t rely on a one size fits all approach to support.  

At a recent select committee our CEO Laura Davis, cautioned MP's that sanctions, threats or feeding into the narrative that people are playing the system, will not lead to an increase in the number of Disabled, Neurodivergent and Disadvantaged people in work, nor encourage Employers to employ this section of society.  

BASE represents approx. 350 member organisations across the UK who support inclusive recruitment through a removal of barriers approach. They utilise the Supported Employment Model which is a values-based framework which is internationally recognised and evidenced 

BASE welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership to build the equitable society where everyone who wants to have the right support to access a career.  

BASE Priorities for an incoming Government 2024