ASCOF employment indicators show another fall in employment rates

The 2020-21 ASCOF indicators have been published.

They show mental health employment rates (Indicator 1F) holding steady at 9% despite a drop in male employment rates from 8% (2019-20) to 7% last year. Regional employment rates varied widely from 15% in Eastern England to 5% in East Midlands.

The figures for learning disability (indicator 1E) show another drop to 5.1%. There's been a long-term downward trend in learning disability employment rates. The current gender breakdown is male 5.7%, female 4.4%. Rates varied from 6.6% in the South East to 3.2% in the West Midlands.

Indicator 1E applies to adults with learning disabilities aged 18-64 and known to Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs) were in paid employment. 

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Graphic showing LD employment rates 2010 to 2021