Paths to Personalisation in Mental Health

Year of Publication: 

This guide has been produced to help all those involved understand how things will need to be done differently to make personalisation a reality for people with mental health needs. This is a whole system guide, so hopefully it will give some information, guidance and signposts for people, whoever and wherever they are. The guide provides information about what personalisation means for mental health services and supports, offers examples of what needs to be in place to make things work, and provides pointers to good practice and sources of advice and information.

There should be something of interest or useful links to be followed up for everyone, including:

  • People with mental health needs and carers (particularly if they are in expert partner roles)
  • Health and social care commissioners
  • Providers
  • Practitioners
  • Care co-ordinators and staff from all sectors
  • Community groups
  • Senior managers
  • Board and elected members
  • Enthusiasts, advocates and leaders.