Valuing Employment Now

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Learning disability employment policy in England was led by the Valuing Employment Now (VEN) Team until it was disbanded in April 2010. Employment policy is now led by the Valuing People Now team. Only 6.4% of people with a significant disability are in paid employment in England (2010). Valuing Employment Now was published in June 2009 and is the main cross-Government policy document for England. Policy in Scotland and Wales is a devolved responsibility and the Scottish Executive has published a Framework for Supported Employment

Valuing Employment Now contains many important recommendations including:

  • raising the expectations of people with disabilities, their families and professionals
  • improving the transition from education to employment
  • the inclusion in work of people with severe and/or complex disabilities
  • quality standards for supported employment
  • a framework for workforce qualifications

Other resources include the Linkup Linkin website that focuses on the implementation of PSA16 objectives and the Real Roles website.