New guide: How to be part of the world of work

Year of Publication: 

Together Matters has produced a guide to encourage conversations and planning so more people with learning disabilities are part of the world of work.

People need many more opportunities to think, and talk, about the world of work. Also, to meet those with local jobs and businesses. Local organisations and businesses need to see that people with learning disabilities are keen to find work and have lots to contribute.

'How to be part of the world of work' encourages young people and adults to plan and try things out, with the aim of finding opportunities and work that is right for them. The guide is full of ideas to do interesting things and take steps towards the world of work. These can be adapted to be helpful for everyone. 

It has been developed with people with learning disabilities, their families and practitioners in education, social care, advocacy and Preparing for Adulthood teams.

The guide can be downloaded from