Neurodiversity at Work

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This guide aims to raise awareness among employers of neurodiversity in the workplace and to inspire more employers to take action to create more inclusive workplaces where neurodivergent individuals can thrive.

This guide is for HR professionals and leaders across functions who want to learn more about neurodiversity, the benefits for their organisation, and how they can support neurodivergent people to be comfortable and successful at work.

The guide has two main aims: first, to raise awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace among employers; and second, to inspire more employers to action – to take steps to encourage neurodiverse job applicants, remove potential ‘friction points’ in the hiring process and to support their staff to achieve their potential.

In this guide, you’ll find practical examples from organisations already appreciating the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce and actively supporting their staff. Through our case study research, it’s clear that adjustments made to enable neurodivergent individuals to thrive at work frequently benefit everyone. Most are low-cost and easy to implement – and can make a significant difference to an individual’s working life, their potential to contribute to the organisation and to build a lasting career.