PWC Youth Employment Index 2022

Year of Publication: 

The Youth Employment Index, produced by Price Waterhouse Cooper in collaboration with the Youth Futures Foundation, provides an important tool to measure, benchmark and monitor progress across the OECD in employing and training young people. This is key to identifying challenges and opportunities in specific economies.

The report adopts a forward-looking approach, beyond the short-term disruptions of COVID-19, to anticipate how labour markets may evolve over the next decade in response to global megatrends. This helps inform effective action to enable our young people to realise their potential - through productive careers that will also benefit our future economy and society.

The UK ranks 18th out of 38 countries in the OECD, and has continued to improve its Youth Employment Index score gradually. Its score of 51 is just above the OECD average and is mainly driven by a high relative youth employment rate. However, the UK could improve its index score through policies that lower its long-term youth unemployment rate (ranked 22nd) and increase the enrolment rate in education for 15 to 19 year olds (ranked 26th).