Careers Strategy: Making the most of everyone's skills and talents

Year of Publication: 

The Government has published Careers Strategy: Making the Most of Everyone's Skills and Talents, the new commitment to careers support across England.

The document contains 4 themes:

  • ensuring a “high-quality careers programme” in every college and school, achieved through making the eight “Gatsby benchmarks” the “bedrock of our careers strategy”
  • making sure employers “are an integral part of our approach”
  • making sure everyone can benefit from “tailored support”, and
  • making the most of the “rich sources of information about jobs and careers that exist”.

We frequently hear that careers guidance is poor or non-existant in many places across England, echoing the findings in Ofsted's 2016 report, "Moving Forward?"

The Education and Training Foundation is developing two sets of online training modules to support careers professionals working with young people with SEND and this training will be freely available to schools, colleges and other careers professionals. Additionally, The Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC) and Gatsby Foundation will work together to set out good practice in supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities. 

The strategy states that "Government will fund work during 2018 to test new approaches and produce resources to improve careers information, advice and guidance for individuals who are disadvantaged, including those with special educational needs and disabilities".