Community Data Toolkit ( Part 1)

Year of Publication: 

This toolkit, created under the Fulfilling Potential banner, shows what data has been published about disability and how that data can be used.

This is a toolkit created for Disabled Peoples User Led Organisations (DPULOs), other small organisations and charities. It aims to provide guidance to help organisations find and use data with confidence to support their work by, for example, the better targeting of services and/or resources to meet the needs of disabled people.

There are three main chapters to the document:

Chapter 1 describes what data is and how data can be used (for example, to understand a problem) to help answer questions about what is happening and why. This chapter also explains different types of data and where they come from.

Chapter 2 shows what data is available across eight key themes (disability, education, employment, income, health and wellbeing, transport, housing and other disability data), where it can be found and gives examples of use.

Chapter 3 shows how data can be used and what information it can reveal. This section also explains some of the problems that can happen when using data incorrectly, and some of the ‘rules’ that need to be obeyed. In addition there are a number of technical annexes.

A second part to the toolkit will be published in Spring 2014 which looks at how organisations can collect their own information.