Working Well Trust

Working Well Trust

Kingston Supported Employment Service

The service supports Kingston residents with learning disability, autism and/or mental health issues in to or towards employment. The service follows the supported employment model with an emphasis on engaging with employers to broker job opportunities and providing on the job support where required (or facilitating this through Access to Work). While the emphasis is on supporting people in to paid work, it is more flexible than the IPS services in that support with training, education and volunteering can be provided. Employment support workers (ESW) therefore use a combination of Upskill and IPS mechanisms of support.


IPS Services in Enfield and Tower Hamlets

People in Enfield and Tower Hamlets who are linked to secondary mental health care services can access Individual Placement and Support (IPS) employment services.  Employment Specialists are co-located within local mental health teams and focus on securing employment opportunities by working directly with employers.  Referrals can come through the teams or people can self-refer as long as they meet the above criteria.



The service supports people in Tower Hamlets to achieve their employment and wellbeing goals through advice, coaching, signposting and support.  The service is open to people who consider themselves to have a mental health issue but a clinical diagnosis is not required. 


In Work Support

Open to residents of Tower Hamlets who have mental health support needs and whose employment is at risk.  The service works with the employer and employee to secure the employment and resolve any related workplace conflicts.  The service supports employers to improve their understanding of mental health in the workplace and to make changes to workplace practices to support their employees.  Where necessary we support people to secure alternative employment if we are unable to secure a return to work.


Business and Enterprise support

Open to residents of Tower Hamlets who have mental health support needs and who wish to set up their own business or enterprise.  The service offers advice, business planning support, support to access funding and specialist advice.  We work with people from the initial idea through to post launch.

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