Fedcap Employment

Fedcap Employment

Fedcap Employment and Fedcap Scotland are part of the experienced not-for-profit organisation, The Fedcap Group. We deliver employability solutions across Britain to build communities through a blend of local frontline professional teams and like-minded supply chain partners, using innovated tested ideas both developed locally and internationally. 

Together we bring over 80 years’ experience in delivering tremendous results in breaking down barriers to societal inclusion and financial wellbeing.

We are building on the experience and success in America to develop further programmes of support across Britain to innovate and help to transform the lives of as many people as possible.

Our purpose is to create opportunities for our people by designing and delivering innovative, sustainable solutions and creating measurable changes for those who are socially disadvantaged. Every one of the individuals who come through our doors comes with a story. They believe the narrative they have been told about who they are – and about their potential. Language matters. People believe what they are told about themselves. They define themselves by others’ prejudice. And the world responds accordingly.

At Fedcap, we are all about changing the circumstances and changing the story—and the reality—of the lives of people we serve. We believe that with precise innovations and interventions, we can and will affect change that supports our people to achieve their greatest potential. We are propelled by the belief in our core value - the Power of Possible.

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