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We have significant experience supporting individuals into work and volunteering positions that meet their assessed personal needs, matching the person with opportunities available.  Whether it is paid employment, work experience, skills development or volunteering our expert staff provide support to develop skills and gain a suitable position.  This may be in an organisation in the region, in one of our supported enterprises or Work Skills Development Unit. 

The Employment Development team provide a bespoke service to individuals with a disability, difficulty or long term health condition wanting to gain sustainable paid employment of 16 hours or more per week. They help people by providing the following support:

  • CV and cover letter creation
  • “Better off In Work Calculation” to help evaluate what benefits an individual is entitled to
  • One to one assistance through reviews and job search appointments
  • Assistance with job applications
  • Interview techniques development
  • Interview support
  • Travel training
  • Support with travel costs
  • Sourcing and signposting for relevant training
  • Assisting with signing relevant benefits
  • Job coaching
  • Volunteer opportunities to help build skills

To find out more please contact the team on 01733 797710

The Job Coach team provide support to find a work placement that meets the person's choice, skills and circumstances. This could be paid, voluntary or work experience in organisations across Peterborough, in one of our supported enterprises, in the Work Skills Development Unit or in self employment. They can provide job and travel training which will be ongoing until a time when all parties are happy that the person can do the job safely and thoroughly. The support will be tailored to each individual and can include extra training if required.

The job coaches will then provide monitor visits and 6 weekly reviews when individuals are at work to make sure the placement runs smoothly. The “Pathways Job Club” supports people with a learning disabilities to look for work through job searching and CV development. We understand the barriers that the people we support experience in getting a job and meeting Job Centre Plus requirements and support individuals to help overcome these. We help with employer and benefit letters and provide support in liaising with Job Centre Plus and work programme providers.

The Work Skills Development Unit is a work group for adults with learning and physical disabilities. The team will take into account transport needs and can provide bus training for independent travel where appropriate or pick up and drop off support in one of our two minibuses where needed.  We support people in a variety of work opportunities.

Health and safety is a priority and the people we support receive training in manual handling and use appropriate safety wear. The team provides individual training to help build confidence and skills. The opportunity to socialise and feel part of the team is encouraged however staff also recognise the need for space for some individuals. Staff work alongside the job coach scheme to enable people to progress to mainstream work should they wish to do so.

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