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Business for Good

Business for Good NE CIC is a community interest company set up to benefit individuals in the North East of England who are disabled or have a long-term health conditions.  We exist to benefit the community and we have values and a social purpose; we are led by people who have lived experience of long-term health conditions and disabilities.   We offer personalised supported self-employment through the process of designing, launching and running a new business and we call this the Exceed.

Details of the services we offer 

Entrepreneurship can be a great opportunity for disabled people to generate income and create purposeful work that can enhance a sense of independence and self-esteem.  However, it can also be challenging, particularly for those who face additional barriers related to their disability. We aim to create several services that can help.

Accessibility support can ensure that disabled people have access to information, resources and opportunities that are necessary for starting and running a business.  This can include assistive technologies, accessible websites, and physical modifications that accommodate people with different disabilities. 

Financial and business planning services can help disabled entrepreneurs to create a solid foundation for their business by developing realistic business plans which identify potential funding sources but also look at the personal financial situation and risk that the entrepreneur is able to consider.  This might include coaching, education, mentoring healthcare services from experienced entrepreneurs, clinicians or support workers with experience of working in this area. Lastly networking opportunities for disabled entrepreneurs to provide a supportive community and valuable resources such as mental health support, networking events, peer support programs and access to business incubators that specialise in working with disabled entrepreneurs. 

We offer support for applications to Access to Work and can provide suitable support workers where necessary.

The geographical areas you cover 

North East England

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Business for Good NE CIC
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