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Enable is a specialist organisation that supports people with disabilities into work. Their main focus is to assist individuals with disabilities and mental health needs to find a job that suits them. Enable delivers positive, individualised support into recruitment, as well as a comprehensive package of ongoing advice, guidance and support to both the jobseeker and the employer.

Enables services include:

  • Shropshire Disability Employment Services
  • Wolverhampton Disability Employment Services
  • Shropshire IPS Mental Health Employment Services
  • Shropshire, Telford and Wolverhampton Supported Internships – helping students with disabilities take the step from education into paid employment
  • Shropshire and Telford Building Better Opportunities – funded by the European Social Fund to support people with disabilities that are furthest from the job market
  • Shropshire Work Choice – a sub contract from Shaw Trust
  • Veterans Employment Service
  • Independent Travel Training – helping people with disabilities to travel independently on public transport

Shropshire is nationally one of 17 mental health Centers of Excellence of Individual Placement Support (IPS) in mental health employment. IPS is a proven method of getting people into competitive employment first with training and support on the job. Enable is the regional lead on IPS and is extensively involved in developing and supporting IPS across the West Midlands.

Enable was established in 1994 as a specialist mental health employment service and has since expanded to include employment services for all disability groups. Their highly experienced Employment Officers support and advise people in their efforts to find work that is suited to their skills and interests. Enable is nationally recognised for its learning disability and mental health employment services.

Enable firmly believes that employment improves health and builds self-worth, as well as bringing financial and social independence. This is something that they work closely with each of their clients to achieve. With the help of innovative employment schemes and approaches, Enable constantly strives to perform above the national average.

Enable offers help with:

  • An initial assessment and development plan
  • Career advice
  • CV writing
  • Preparation for work – practical skills assessment
  • Appropriate work experience to develop skills
  • Support with job searching
  • Support with applications and interviews
  • Job coaching – this is active, in-work support to people from day one of a job, supporting the employee and providing a valuable link for the employer. 
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