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Employment and Disability Service (EADS)

Olympus Care Services was established in April 2012 as an innovative private company owned by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) and consists of services previously part of NCC, including care homes, dementia care, in-home support, assistive technology, day centers and EADS, our nationally recognised, pan disability, specialist supported employment team.

EADS has a 34 year history of successfully delivering numerous DWP / ESF programmes and currently delivers Work Choice as sub-contractor to Working Links across Northamptonshire and the Specialist Employability Support (SES) as subcontractor to Shaw Trust across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. We are the key driver of supported employment initiatives within Olympus and proud of our local and national reputation.

Our key values are; respect, honesty, teamwork, trustworthiness, efficiency and compassion. Everything we do is based on these principles and our priority is always our customers.

The EADS jigsaw consists of 15 team members, a third of whom have a disability and some who were originally supported as clients. This mix gives us a real insight into the challenges faced by our clients and the employers we work with as well as the benefits supported employment brings. We exist to support people with a physical, sensory, mental health or learning disability move toward, gain and / or sustain paid employment and our delivery is supported by our highly skilled administration team who possess comprehensive knowledge of all of our services.

EADS offers a detailed package of support, individually tailored to each client or employer.

Client support can include:

* Confidence and stamina building
* Guidance and training on interpersonal skills
* Interactive career guidance
* Job application and interview skills
* Identifying, supporting and providing work experience opportunities
* Accompanied job starts and job coaching
* Travel training
* Support with applications for Access-to-Work (ATW) funding
* In work support
* Negotiation with and support to employers regarding reasonable adjustments
* Skills training, via external courses
* One to one support, delivered locally

Employer support can include:

* Information, advice and guidance on the employment of people with disabilities
* Support and guidance on disability issues
* Reasonable adjustments around aids and adaptations
* Support retaining an employee if they acquire a disability
* Carrying out work station assessments for disabled employees
* Promoting Disability Equality in the workplace
* Training, workshops and awareness sessions for employers and staff on disability and employment issues

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