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North Tyneside Employment Support Team

The Employment Support team is funded through the Local Authority; providing customised support to individuals with learning disabilities who face complex barriers to work, and are eligible to receive services funded through Adult Social Care.

A wide range of support is available; from Travel Training & Supported Work Experience to individualised Job Coaching and Retention Support. We work with each client on an individual basis, using person centred approaches to develop an Employment Pathway that not only meets the support needs of the individual, but recognises the expectations & needs of potential employers. Support is also provided around benefits and other issues that impact on an individual’s ability to sustain employment, with the aim of providing a ‘holistic’ service that recognises the wider issues that can become ‘barriers to success’ if not addressed.

We aim to provide a service that is highly valued by clients and employers alike, by providing customised support that is able to ‘flex’ to meet the changing needs of today’s workforce, and supports local employers to employ and retain workers with complex disabilities.

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0191 6435242
North Tyneside Employment Support Team
Citadel East Killingworth
Newcastle upon Tyne
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