EmployJersey (JET) Ltd

EmployJersey (JET) Ltd

EmployJersey (JET) is a charitable trust which exists to help people with disabilities and long-term health conditions secure work through training and support.  The organisation assists people through its, employment services, Supported Training Employment Preparation Scheme (STEPS) and its Wellbeing Service. To create employment and training opportunities JET has a commercial operation which sells goods from the Woodshack (furniture and other items from recycled timber) and its Nursery (bedding plants, house plants and shrubs).  The income derived from this commercial activity is used to support service provision to clients. In 2017 the organisation will expand its operation to include a Reuse facility which will retail a wide range of goods.

JET was founded on, and adheres to, a strong value base. The staff and board of Trustees strongly believe that all people with a disability and / or long term health conditions:

• Have talents and potential and can make a positive contribution to society and the economy.

• Have equal rights to the same employment opportunities as everyone else.

• Have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

• May require additional support and assistance to achieve their goals.

• Can work and all employers can employ someone with a disability given the right client job match and level of support.

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EmployJersey (JET) Ltd
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