Elite Supported Employment Agency Ltd

Elite SEA

Established in 1994, Elite is a registered charity working with people with disabilities or those at a disadvantage, aged 14 to 65+ across South, Mid and West Wales.

ELITE supports hundreds of people every year with vocational opportunities, training and employment through to independence.

We believe that anyone can work, irrespective of their disability, given the right training and support.

Services include:

  • Vocational Profiling
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Action Planning
  • Travel Training/ Route Familiarisation
  • Job finding / Jobmatching
  • Interview Support and Advocacy
  • Work Preparation
  • Benefits Assistance
  • Supported Work Placements/ Job tasters 
  • Supported Self Deterministic Jobtasters
  • Accredited Work Awareness Courses
  • Job Search Clubs
  • Employer Visits
  • Application Completion / CV Production
  • One to One Support Within the workplace 
  • Health and Safety / Risk Assessments
  • Social Skills and Integration Support
  • In Work Monitoring
  • Career Development
  • Employment Co-ordination
  • Disability Awareness training to Employers
  • Transition Services from education to work
  • Accredited Training in Supported Employment 


Contact Details
01443 226664
Elite SEA
8 Magden Park
CF72 8XT