Dawlish Gardens Trust

Dawlish Gardens Trust

The Supported Employment programme is designed to enable people with Learning Disabilities who are claiming benefits to move into suitable jobs.

We offer a coherent package of support for people out of work. The programme embraces a holistic approach to unemployment by removing barriers, measuring progress and placing people into the right job for them.

When a jobseeker is referred to or contacts DGT their individual abilities, aspirations and previous work experience are assessed. This takes place during 1-1 meetings with an experienced job coach who seeks to motivate individuals, raise their confidence and self-esteem.

As an employer you can rely on us to:-
* Enhance your reputation as an enlightened, forward looking, disability friendly organisation.
* Compliment your recruitment processes, equal opportunity/diversity strategies, positive public relations and business needs.
* Develop disability awareness in your organisation in a 'hands-on' friendly way.
* Provide a sensitive, trouble-shooting service around the impact of disability in the workplace and practical advice on reasonable adjustments.

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