Cheshire East Council

Cheshire East Supported Employment

Service Mission
Employment is a key ingredient for real social inclusion. We are therefore committed to supporting disabled customers to gain independence through work.

Service Vision
We believe that the opportunity to try for a job is a fundamental right for everyone. We therefore envisage a future where all customers of our services in Cheshire who wish to try for work are given the appropriate support to achieve their ambitions.

We foresee a future whereby all stakeholders are working to a common set of values and objectives.

We believe that all service users are at the heart of all service planning and delivery. We will therefore develop robust systems to ensure that every customer has a respected voice regarding not only their own individual package of support but the service as whole.

We believe in a continually improving service. We will therefore deploy rigorous quality assurance systems that capture all service input and outcome data.

The above data will be used to continually improve unit costs, value for money, service outcomes and improving satisfaction levels from our customers.

Contact Details
Cheshire East Supported Employment
2nd Floor, Macclesfield Town Hall
SK10 1EA