Quality of Support

Quality of Support

BradlySome national employers find the range of employment support organisations to be bewildering. It is natural that some agree to work with a single national provider rather than engage with different agencies across the country. This is understandable because they are not sure of the quality of each local support service.

BASE is launching an Employers' Charter to offer assurance to employers when working with local supported employment agencies. We intend to establish a list of our members who have signed up to the Charter and agreed to provide a service based on the following values:

  • BASE member organisations will engage with employers in a fair and unbiased manner to ensure that a consistent and professional service of employment support is offered and delivered to employers and their employees at all levels, encompassing clarity of purpose, equality and honesty throughout.
  • BASE will monitor and review the effectiveness of the Charter by liaising with member organisations and the employers they engage with.



To treat data and information in a confidential manner and, where appropriate, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 guidelines. This applies to BASE member organisations, employers and employees alike.


Employer research

The BASE member organisation will conduct a fact finding exercise via visiting employer premises. The aim of this exercise is to inform the BASE member organisation of the employer’s business activities, paying specific attention to; recruitment processes, job roles and responsibilities, recruitment and retention needs, workforce structure and culture of the employer organisation.


Candidate selection

The BASE member organisation will offer an accurate ‘client to job’ selection and matching service. This will be based on information collected from the employer; on-site job analysis, skills and qualification requirements, motivation, interview preparation and support, plus a comprehensive appraisal of any necessary reasonable adjustments.


Employer support

The BASE member organisation will offer a high quality service of individualised specialist support, training, advice and guidance for a mutually agreed duration necessary to ensure a successful outcome. This will include on-the-job support, problem solving and mediation (where necessary). The BASE member organisation will take a proactive lead in engaging with partner agencies to access additional services and where required financial resources that may be available.


Service performance

To ensure the delivery of a professional service that is flexible, reliable, responsive, caring and trustworthy. Maintain effective communication and reporting standards between all parties, providing feedback and performing monitoring and review sessions at regular intervals.


The Charter was produced with kind support from the following companies:
Royal Mail, Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development, Coventry Building Society, Bourne Leisure Group and National Grid.

If you have any queries regarding the Charter, or the quality of support that you have received from one of our member organisations, please contact us at admin@base-uk.org