Model Fidelity (SEQF)

Model Fidelity (SEQF)

SEQF - Excellent provider logoBASE is using a short version of the Supported Employment Quality Framework (SEQF) to audit the model fidelity of Supported Employment services.

There is growing pressure from employers and commissioners for employment services to demonstrate their quality in an independent and transparent way. This quality accreditation aims to provide that assurance. 


Scoring methodology

Providers are audited against their self-assessment and this results in a final percentage score.

  • Excellent providers have scored 90% or more
  • Good providers have scored between 75% and 89.9%
  • Accredited providers have scored between 55% and 74.9%

The quality mark is awarded for 3 years subject to BASE receiving an annual self-assement and action plan from the provider service.


How to get involved and demonstrate the quality of your service

BASE is available to carry out audits to standardise the process and enable benchmarking. The 2-day audit involves a team of two auditors going through the service's self-assessment evidence and reaching an independent judgement on service quality. Please contact us for details.

"Kent Supported Employment would wholly recommend any supported employment company to undertake the SEQF audit. This framework has helped the service inform and embed best practice. Its value has been recognised by Commissioners as a benchmark for quality provision. There is no doubt it is a high standard to reach and demanding in terms of time and commitment but the results are priceless in evidencing a high quality, evolving service for our clients. As a service it has proved integral to evaluating our upskilling of staff in terms of developing individuals and the service to become the very best we can be."

Kent Supported Employment


The background

Supported Employment services have not had to undertake self-assessment since 2010 when Ofsted inspected provision on the DWP-funded Workstep programme. Most services have discontinued their self-assessment processes leaving clients, commissioners and employers with no idea of the quality they can expect from provider services. BASE is working to improve the quality of provision through National Occupational Standardsworkforce qualifications and a framework for service standards.

The short version of SEQF uses the sections on products and services, business results and builds in some key performance indicators. The self-assessment can be freely used by services to gauge the quality of their provision. We have found wide variation in how services score their self-assessment. Competent services tend to underscore while services not adhering to the Supported Employment model tend to over-rate their quality. This underlines the need for independent auditing of quality.

The product has been tested and is was used to audit the self-assessments carried out by 11 providers of the Proof of Concept trials in 2018 and 2019.

There is no doubt that building a quality assurance framework is time consuming for services but it leads to improved outcomes, more efficient provision, and assurance for commissioners and customers. As part of the audit process, BASE can advise you on how to develop a quality assurance framework for your service.

"Pure Innovations have found the audit by BASE extremely useful and it has assisted us to improve the delivery of service to clients and how to evidence the work we do. Pure will continue to complete an audit on several of the employment projects to ascertain the quality of service being delivered and how person centred it is. We have improved how we record information and how our IT reporting system, Eclipse, will provide information, produce reports and that documents/forms are fluent and streamlined to encompass a client's complete journey."

Pure Innovations