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The Supported Employment Service

The Supported Employment Service is delivered from within Adult Services at Worcestershire County Council. The service aims to support and enable vulnerable adults who have disabilities to take part in work activity and employment, contributing to their long-term development and independence and increasing connections and integration in the local community and workforce.

The services we can offer

  • Support to find, secure and access employment
  • Support to retain employment – for pre-existing customers and adults known to adult social care
  • Information and guidance - on local provision and support available on employment related matters for adults with disabilities


We can support unemployed adults over 18 who live in Worcestershire (who are motivated to participate in work activity and employment and could be available at least part of two days per week). 

and a) have a learning disability and are in receipt of adult social care or  b) are known to social care whose circumstances make them vulnerable due to social isolation, disability, and there is potential to increase skills and independence through work activities. 

Types of support we can offer

  • Information and guidance - where to find other employment related support, training and experience. 
  • Vocational Profiling - supported assessments to find out a customer’s strengths, skills, interests, motivations, and support needs, to form an understanding on the type of employment and conditions that would be appropriate.
  • We engage with local organisations and business to develop bespoke work opportunities
  • We can assist customers to find suitable employment and provide support with applications, interviews, taster days and work placements. 
  • Support to complete pre-start employment papers, checks and travel to work plans
  • In Work Support - we can advise the customer and employer on appropriate support when a person is starting and learning a new job.
  • We can support customers to apply for Access to Work support and funding when required.
  • Individually tailored support to maintain work – scheduled meetings, calls and visits at work to review progress.
  • Retention Support - advice and support to set up work buddies or make reasonable adjustments to enable a person to keep their job.

Geographical areas we cover

Customers should be resident in Worcestershire

We work with business on the outskirts of Worcestershire if they have employment and work activity opportunities we can support them to develop


Contact Details
Sally-Ann Parker, Employment Partnerships Officer 01905 844393/ 01905 846777
The Supported Employment Service, Commissioning Unit, People Directorate,Worcestershire County Council,
County Hall,
Spetchley Road,