Lunch & Learn: Everyday Technology for Accessibility within the Workplace

21/03/24 12:00 to 13:00

The Oaks Specialist College works with young adults aged 19-25 with Learning Disabilities. We utilise everyday technologies as assistive technology to give autonomy of independence. Working with stakeholders and employers we help to train and provide context for assistive technology within the workplace. From built-in accessibility features in laptops to apps on phones, supporting our young people into meaningful work this session will look at the impact of these features through case studies and real world applicability. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Investigate everyday technology and its applicability for independence 

  • Understand ,through case studies ,the applicability of assistive tech features in supported employment 

Who suitable for: 

  • Those offering supported internships/ employment (employers) 

  • Support workers of young people in supported internships/ employment 

  • Education settings working with supported internships/ employment 

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