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Work Solutions

Work Solutions have been operating as a Supported employment agency covering the whole of Hertfordshire for the last 19 years with a Team based in both Stevenage and Hemel Hempstead.

We are funded by the Local Authority to work with people who have mental ill heath, learning, sensory and physical disabilities and live in Hertfordshire and have a Head of Service, 1 team manager, 10 employment advisers, 2 job coaches, a welfare benefits adviser and 1 business support.



Following referral, a meeting will be arranged with the individual and referring agent where possible, to discuss the service support available and consider the best options for the future and may include the following:

  • Assessment in terms of motivation and disability through an initial assessment.
  • Allocation of an adviser/job coach to work on a 1:1 basis
  • Signposting to an external organisation or agency where referral is not deemed appropriate at this time
  • Referral to a specialist welfare rights adviser for support with any benefit/financial issues and a ‘better off’ calculation



After the initial assessment an individual action plan will be agreed and regular meetings set up between the client and adviser. When allocated, an adviser and/or job coach will: 

  • Undertake a full vocational assessment to build an effective profile
  • Complete a thorough risk assessment Liaise with the individual’s networks to ensure the most appropriate support is given and progress/challenges are shared
  • Ensure the Health and Safety of the individual at all times
  • Hold weekly structured meetings where possible
  • Engage with local employers to sell the service, gain opportunities for individuals  and ensure suitable job matches
  • Organise short term work tasters with on- site support from an employment adviser and visits to workplaces to assess skills and abilities and give clients a more informed choice of jobs available
  • Hold two monthly reviews and action planning with a full review of progress at twenty-six weeks
  • Advise and negotiate with employers on adaptations/reasonable adjustments
  • Complete a thorough job analysis and insurance pro forma (if work taster arranged)
  • Support clients through the interview process and provide on-the-job training by an employment adviser where appropriate
  • “Fade” from the workplace in agreed timescales



Once settled into the role we will continue to support both the employer and the employee with any issues, challenges or career progression as required by:

  • Maintaining regular contact with the referring agent/carer/family member and other relevant parties with permission
  • Holding ‘In work assessments’ at agreed timescales to identify support if needed by both employee and employer where appropriate for as long as needed
  • Offering further training and support for new tasks and professional development
Contact Details
Work Solutions (West)
Apsley 2, Brindley Way
Hemel Hempstead
Work Solutions (East)
2nd Floor, Farnham House
Six Hills Way