Schemes and programmes

Schemes and programmes

There are many schemes and programmes designed to support employers to recruit and retain disabled workers. We've listed information here about Access to Work and the Work and Health Programme.

Access to Work

Access to Work is a government-run programme delivered by Jobcentre Plus to help overcome barriers that disabled people come across in getting or keeping work. The programme helps by providing advice, an assessment of your employee's disability needs in the workplace and if required, a financial grant towards the cost of any necessary support. Access to Work enables disabled people to contribute to the success of your business.

Access to Work can provide a grant towards the additional employment costs resulting from an employee's disability that an employer would not normally be expected to provide.

To be eligible for Access to Work the applicant must be:

  • in a paid job
  • unemployed and about to start a job
  • unemployed and about to start a work trial
  • self-employed
  • on permitted work

The person's disability or health condition must stop them from being able to do parts of their job, and this must be likely to last for 12 months or more.

Access to Work can pay towards specialist equipment an employee needs, adapting premises to meet their needs, or a support worker. It can also pay towards the cost of getting to and from work if the employee is unable to use public transport.

The programme is broken down into six elements, each offering a specific type of help:

  • adaptation to premises and equipment
  • communicator support at interview
  • travel within work
  • special aids and equipment
  • support worker
  • travel to work

Depending on your employee's circumstances, Jobcentre Plus may provide support under more than one of these elements.

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Work and Health Programme

The Work and Health Programme was introduced in late 2017 and is delivered across England and Wales. It is managed by the Department for Work and Pensions and delivered by a mixture of private, public and voluntary sector organisations. In Scotland, support is available through Fair Start Scotland.

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