Funded Job Coach Training

Funded Job Coach Training

As part of the Department for Education (DfE) Internships Work investment programme (announced 2nd September 2022) , BASE is able to provide free training for Job Coaches in Supported Internships in Supported Employment Techniques and/or Training in Systematic Instruction.

Supported internships are a structured, work-based study programme for 16 to 24-year-olds with SEND, who have an education, health, and care (EHC) plan. The core aim of a supported internship study programme is a substantial work placement, facilitated by the support of an expert job coach.(Supported Internships

BASE in partnership with Inclusive Trading has funding to deliver 760 places in England over the next two years and will be able to deliver courses either online or face to face as appropriate to suit training needs.

The Training on Offer:

Supported Employment Techniques training (SET)

SET offers a comprehensive overview of the supported employment process. Supported Internships also follow this process. The course is non-accredited but is based on the knowledge requirements for the National Occupational Standards for Supported Employment

The course content:

  • The core values of supported employment
  • Jobseeker engagement
  • The principles of vocational profiling
  • Employer engagement
  • Job matching
  • In-work support and career development

The SET is delivered in the following ways:

  1. Face to face delivery

5 days broken down into 2 consecutive days one week and 3 consecutive days the following week.  Learners need to attend all sessions. 

Note: If learners require face to face, they will be a slight delay in organising as we need to ensure we have a cluster in a similar geographical area.

  1. Online Delivery

Through Zoom or Teams for 6 sessions, 09:30 – 13:00 for each session.  Usually broken down to two sessions per week for three consecutive weeks. 

To complete the course learners, need to attend all sessions.


Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI)

Job Coaches play a pivotal role in providing In-Work support within Supported Internships and Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI) is an internationally recognised method of supporting learning.

TSI is a holistic training method which focuses on errorless learning and painless correction. It can be used to train anyone anything, regardless of if they have additional needs or not but the usual sector it has been used widely for many years is employment. TSI and the Structured Training method is widely recognised as one the pivotal training methods for supporting people with additional needs in the workplace.

The course content:

TSI explores the power balance between the trainer and the learner with the emphasis being placed on empowering the learner focusing on fading support so that the learner is able to perform what they are being taught independently without any trainer intervention. TSI courses are non-accredited.  

On the TSI course you will be expected to practice your new skills with an individual with learning disabilities, called a Consultant Learner.  The TSI trainer will provide the task, the learner will learn the task and then they will teach the Consultant Learner the task using Systematic Instruction.  The Consultant Learner will be paid for their time via the TSI Trainer.  The day that you are required to work with a Consultant learner will vary depending on which course you are enrolled onto.

The TSI training is delivered in the following ways:

  1. Face to face delivery

Option 1: 4 consecutive days in 1 week with a one day follow up meeting online 4-6 weeks later.

Option 2: 2 days (Thurs, Fri) then 2 days for following week (Mon, Tues) and then a follow up meeting online 4-6 weeks later for 1 day.

  1. Online Delivery

Option 1: 4 or 5 consecutive days through Zoom then a follow up session 4-6 weeks later.

Option 2: E-Learning and Online. Learners have 3 days to complete e-learning package (6-8 guided learning hours) and then have 2 online taught days the following week and then a month later 2 more online days.

To complete the course learners, need to attend all sessions.



If you are interested in any of these courses:

  1. Complete ALL mandatory sections of the enrolment form
  2. Get the Manager consent form completed and signed by your line manager
  3. Send both forms to

You will then be sent a list of the available training for you to choose from.


Conditions of Booking

Due to large volumes of people making last minute changes or not attending this FREE training, we have had to build in a last-minute cancellation fee to cover the costs associated with the training and ensure we are still able to provide the training to 760 job coaches. For this reason, we also require consent from the enrolled learners line manager that they can take time from their employment to attend this training.

By completing the enrolment form your organisation is consenting to pay £150 +VAT, if you or your enrolled employee cancels with less than 7 days’ notice or fails to complete the course.

We understand that sometimes things happen in life, beyond all our control where cancelling is the only option, and we will always work with compassion to understand exceptional circumstances.

We hope you enjoy this training and look forward to hearing the impact on your services and doubling the numbers of Supported Internships