How to make your job easier with LinkedIn

How to make your job easier with LinkedIn

With so many of us currently working remotely now more than ever is the time to utilise your online network. By which, of course I mean, your LinkedIn network.

If you’re not on LinkedIn or have a profile but haven’t done much with it, let me give you just two reasons why this should change. 


  1. Great source of prospective employers 

LinkedIn is brilliant for B2B (Business to Business) connections, allowing you to search and connect with the right people. You can foster business relationships or partnerships.

  1. Exchange knowledge, share good practice

Connect with other BASE members, keep up to date with sector news via BASE page or share good practice in your regional forum 

260 million monthly active LinkedIn users & 40% access LinkedIn daily

I realise that we’re all time-poor, so the information is arranged in a way that allows you to dip in and do as little or as much as you want to do. Finally make sure when you’re updating your LinkedIn profile that you access LinkedIn on a PC/Mac.  



Make sure you’ve completed all the parts of your introduction card including adding a profile picture and a background photo ( also known as a banner).  

A screenshot of a social media postDescription automatically generatedThe background photo is an area which lots of people neglect but it can really make your profile stand out. See David Stenning’s (BASE South East Regional Chair) LinkedIn profile.

There are lots of free resources for you to use as an attractive background photo including and or if you’re feeling more adventurous you could create a customised LinkedIn banner at

One of the most important fields in your profile is the LinkedIn headline, this is your chance to describe what you do to potential connections. It doesn’t have to be just your job title; the headline can be more effective if you include what you achieve as part of your job. 


Why is this important?

The information in the headline is used by LinkedIn’s algorithm when a search is performed (more on searches below). So, it should include as many keywords as possible that are relevant to your sector. How can you tell potential connections what they would get from joining your network? See my profile at the bottom of the page for an example. For more info see:

Does your LinkedIn headline suck?  

How To Write A Crazy Effective LinkedIn Headline [12+ Examples]



Join some groups – How to find & join a LinkedIn group

When you’ve joined a group, it will be visible in the Interests section of your profile, unless it is an unlisted group e.g. BASE Regional Forums.  If you wish to view your groups from your profile:

  • Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click View profile.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your profile to the Interests section.
  • Click See all.
  • Click the Groups tab.


Groups open to all

BASE Supported Employment Networking     Supported Internships


Regional Forum groups (members only)


Endorse /Recommend Someone

You can only endorse someone for skills they already have listed on their profile  

recommendation is a written endorsement and is more descriptive. You can request recommendations from your 1stdegree connections



  • Use the search feature to follow companies & relevant influencers for your industry, as well as companies in your area for potential work placements. When you search for a company LinkedIn shows you the employees 
  • Be proactive and look for people to connect with by searching LinkedIn or looking at your network and connecting with their connections. Try to add a message saying why you want to join their network, e.g. we work in the same sector etc.
  • Review & update your relevant skills
  • Share relevant content from your LinkedIn feed
  • Install the LinkedIn extension on Chrome
  • Be authentic, don’t use automated responses
  • Commit to spending 15 minutes on LinkedIn every day