The Supported Employment Framework; An Auditors Perspective.

16/05/23 13:00 to 14:00

Free Lunch & Learn Session for BASE members

In this session, Holly Kelleher, an experienced Inclusive Trading Associate will explore the Supported Employment Quality Framework (SEQF) standards & share ideas on how these can be evidenced through interactive group participation.

Holly will also provide an overview of how the Supported Employment Quality Framework. audit process works, what happens at an audit and how to prepare for one.

Background to SEQF 

The Supported Employment Quality Framework (SEQF) was launched in 2017 as a result of an ERASMUS project involving BASE and five transnational partners.

The main objective in developing a quality framework for supported employement agencies was to improve services for vulnerable job seekers, employees and their employers.

In 2018, BASE implemented a shortened version of the original SEQF that demonstrates model fidelity within Supported Employment against the five stages of supported employment, business results and relevant Key Performance Indicators. It contains a scored self-assessment toolkit for organisations which can be used to prioritise actions to further improve the quality of support offered to jobseekers and employers and is free to use. 

Organisations can request model fidelity assessments through to review their self assessment and evidence for the potential of being awarded a kitemark.  This was tested as part of the proof of concept for the DWP Local Supported Employment Initiative. 

BASE in partnership with Inclusive Trading now offers model fidelity audits for any provider seeking to improve the quality of their services against the model fidelity version.

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