Mental Health

Mental Health

One on four people experience mental health problems in any year. Over one million people with mental health conditions are on welfare benefits and the combination of discrimination, low expectations and lack of support can make it very difficult to keep a job or return to work successfully.

If a colleague of yours has mental health needs take a look at the Mental Health Foundation website which has a lot of useful advice.

We know that over half of people with mental health conditions would like to return to work. For many people, it’s a matter of getting their confidence back and getting some help in arranging the right job. BASE members can offer support in doing just that.

Supported Employment is all about working out which would be the right job and becoming employed. Most people find interviews very stressful so ‘working interviews’ are often used as a sort of job trial. It’s a chance to show an employer that you can do the job well without going through a formal interview.

Supported Employment is sometimes called Individual Placement and Support when it is used with people with mental health conditions. You can find lots of information about what it is and how successful it is on the Centre for Mental Health website.

Basically, the process is:
* Discovering what would be your ideal job by getting to understand your skills, needs and preferences
* Making sure that you are financially better off by working
* Talking to companies to find, or create, the right vacancy as quickly as possible
* Supporting you through an interview or arranging a work trial that would lead to a job
* Offering support and guidance to your employer
* Offering ongoing training and emotional support
* Supporting you to develop your career

You’ll find information on this site and through the following links that should help you to think about getting back to work. Please let us know about other useful resources. BASE is not responsible for the content of third party websites.

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